During these times of a less than ideal working climate, our promise is to support you in every way we know how in order to keep your agribusiness running and keep you and your team safe. You have likely been operating with constraints, trying to promote and support social distancing, and managing a business and staff remotely. We are here to help.

Our team has compiled this list of initial tips and best practices to assist you in leveraging and optimizing your system.

Your Challenges

Labor challenges with remote work and fewer staff

Social distancing with staff, customers, and truckers

Potential supply chain disruption

Your Systems

  • Remember that any business document (ex. Contracts, Settlements, Invoices, etc.) can be emailed to the customer. This can help with social distancing and still provide your customer with what they need when they need it.
  • Any report within the AGRIS system can be emailed. This is a good mechanism to ensure your key people can stay responsible for items such as credit issues, inventory, and commodities settlements.
  • Utilize eSign for AGRIS commodity contracts to promote social distancing and remote work.
  • To ensure internal controls leverage our Settlement Approval App for the electronic approval of commodity settlements
  • To ensure you have a good handle on what your inventory needs are and streamline your operations this spring season, a process change to use purchase orders may be in order. By putting your purchase orders in the system, you will be able to get a better grasp of your inventory projections and ensure you are prepared. The inventory position report is a good mechanism to understand when things will be coming and going out of your facilities.
  • Leverage the Sales App for remote access to quotes, bookings, and item quantity look-up.
  • Leverage the Warehouse App for immediate recording and emailing of delivery tickets and transfers. This eliminates the need for documents to be handled again.
  • Help your remote teams collaborate and meet goals with INSIGHT.
  • Set up an outdoor ticket printer to promote social distancing. This is NOT a $1-$200k weather-proof thermal printer. This is a basic printer that is placed in a little shed or entryway.
  • Leverage the Message Board Monitor App to extend to a second monitor sitting behind a window for visual verification. License fees apply.
  • Set up a signature pad (included) and driver’s license scanner (license fees apply) to promote less human interaction.
  • Leverage features you have but may not be using such as Pit Monitor to streamline site communication.
  • Use features like Auto-ID to streamline scale operations without requiring the trucker to come into the office in order to promote social distancing.
  • Utilize Inbound Scale Ticket text messaging to meet the challenge of working remotely and with fewer people.
  • Use the email capability of Sales and Purchase documents to customers and vendors to promote social distancing.
  • Leverage CINCH for better remote logistics by helping your customers see information sooner with CINCH Portal.
  • Handle less paper and spend less time in office by leveraging system integration using CINCH Document Exchange.