Platform Leader

Solentra is part of Cultura Technologies, which has a collaborative culture and is investment and growth driven. Whether your organization’s primary focus is capital deployment, return on gross equity, or organic portfolio growth, we understand the variety of challenges you face as you innovate.

Provide Stability for Your Clients

As Cultura acquires companies, it invests in and grows them. With Solentra, as part of the Cultura family, you’re assured of a team of dedicated analysts and professionals who understand how to position companies for optimal growth and performance, and to identify when and how to manage challenges.

Efficiently Streamlining Systems

We understand time is valuable and want to help maximize yours by providing the legwork. As we standardize records and other data, we’re able to leverage a variety of assets, enabling a higher level of efficient access; giving you greater control, accessibility, and analytics, without the need to rip and replace.

Innovation Without Compromise

When acquiring facilities with legacy software or antiquated systems, rip and replace is not always feasible. Most of our clients acquire other companies and locations that vary in size, complexity, budget, and geographical needs. We offer creative, consistent solutions to any integration, and we pride ourselves on tailoring our custom solutions to each of our clients’ particular plans.

Turning Risk into Reward

We are long-term investors in our companies and clients and have the experience and financial depth to provide the unique solutions they need to thrive. We have the stability, influence, and trust to help you position your organization for ideal long-term growth.



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