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Remote work with fewer people

Reduce paperwork & manual record-keeping

A more efficient supply chain

Our Featured Solutions

The Solentra team has deep industry expertise and access to comprehensive software for ERP, commodity accounting, origination, receiving, processing, packaging, sales, and distribution.

We can support you and your agri-food enterprise with the software systems you have or would like to invest in. We can install, customize, and maintain the software we and our sister companies have built, such as AGRIS, CINCH and oneWeigh, and we can build integrations to and support your in-house software and third-party applications.

Solentra is a world leader in agribusiness software, and more grain is handled and traded over our platforms than any other system.

The oneWeigh Platform Scale Automation System helps grain facilities keep truck scale traffic moving and expedite billing with ease and flexibility. Its practical and customizable technology greatly improves the operational efficiency of grain handling, making it the most widely used platform scale solution in the industry. Bulkweigh automates the loading of grain shipments by train and vessel. Features and options for added automation include:

  • Signature Pad Interface
  • Inventory Interface
  • oneWeigh RFID Tag Reader
  • oneWeigh Grading Equipment Interface
  • oneWeigh Message Board
  • OneWeigh Message Board App
  • oneWeigh Pit Monitor
  • oneWeigh Pit Commander
  • oneWeigh Driver’s License Scanner
  • oneWeigh Driver Self Check-in
  • oneWeigh Biometric Scanner Interface
  • oneWeigh Flow Meter Interface
  • oneWeigh Bulkweigh Scale PLC Interface
  • oneWeigh Signature Pad Interface
  • oneWeigh Inventory Interface
  • DRS (Data Replication Service) – for remote oneWeigh workstations


binSight is the automated bin management system that provides grain handlers and merchandizers with up-to-the-minute inventory information for faster, more accurate decision-making. Benefits include:
• Elimination of outdated whiteboards and spreadsheets
• Better blending and traceability reporting


oneFreight is the transportation management system (TMS) designed specifically for grain elevators and processing facilities to easily automate and manage freight dispatch processes. Benefits include:
• Eliminates the probability of error and double entry due to using manual spreadsheets
• Improves communication and allows facilities to handle more trucks due to the streamlined process and automatic posting to AGRIS.

North American Railcar Database

Access to this database enables users to automatically populate railcar information into the oneWeigh Bulk Scale Interface. Benefits include:
• Weigh ahead feature
• Allows users to start the next order while moving cars into position


AGRIS-E is an agribusiness accounting, inventory and reporting ERP that provides comprehensive functionality and integration for efficient management of customer account balances, business processes, grain processing, and commodity marketing with integration to operational systems to maintain up-to-date information. Among the popular add-ons are:

  • AGRIS eSign
  • AGRIS Sales App
  • AGRIS Warehouse App
  • MyGrower App
  • AGRIS Store Manager
  • AGRIS Patronage
  • AgroGuide
  • AttachToo

CINCH is a process manufacturing and agribusiness accounting software that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP. It is a complete solution for financial accounting, inventory, and transactional flows. It is rich with APIs and interfaces to the oneWeigh Platform Scale Automation System.